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Together with your support, we are partnering with European church leaders to build and multiply the local church. Through creative initiatives and intentional discipleship training, we are passionate that all discover 7-VIE-EST-BELLE.


Our vision as missionaries is to live life based on grace, love, and joy! Our desire is to live what Jesus shares in the gospel of John 10:10… “that we may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance.” Our desire is to live out this way of life not expressed in view of materials but in quality of life that is independent of material comforts. We wish that everyone comes to say: THIS LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

If less than 2% of Europeans say they have “personal” relationship with Jesus how can we seriously make an impact on a society that has no context of this life-changing experience? We believe the answer lies in the concept of 7-Vie-Est-Belle. When we can train and equip men and women to discover their God-given identity and purpose, we believe that out of this passion, life is lived to utmost.


Creative Intiatives

We can’t continue to try to be a church that this generation has never engage with and hope people will walk into the doors. We have to risk ideas. We have to walk with boldness in what God has put on our hearts. One of the areas we have developed is the concept of our church lobby becoming a cafe that is open every day of the week, bridging our surrounding community within a cafe that lets us meet people on a regular basis and build relationships. Since we launched in December the idea has proven to be one of the most exciting projects we have worked on. Read more about the project here and how you can help us develop it.

Intentional Discipleship

We started out in Europe both learning how to apply this discipline so that we could reshape our priorities in life towards what God wanted for our lives. This example of discipleship we experienced is why we have a network of discipleship schools across Europe that are focused on training the next generation. Here in Marseille, the discipleship school has already resulted in training one of the campus pastors and many of our church leaders have are alumni of the program. For those who are 18-30 we encourage you to check out the program and challenge you to pray if God is calling you to experience MCM.



Let’s Recap!

Hey guys, we are so excited to share what has been going on since summer! Check out latest news...
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🙏 Growing community.

We are driven to connect and build bridges for those who are experiencing His presence for the first time into a deeper community, God’s people: the church. A couple months ago we launched our first small group from our coffee community as a way to live life a little deeper and create a safe place to talk about faith. Through…

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Business as {un}usual, the 7VB way !

We say this all the time, but we LOVE what God is doing in Europe and we are so GRATEFUL to be a part of it. Each new season we find ourselves in, we see how God prepared us in the previous. This December we will celebrate our second year of our cafe and we still can’t believe how God…

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Start With Why

His vision is clear. Our passion is driven. The future is exciting. As we continue to serve those around us, to lead where God directs us and to dream bigger than we have, we ask you to continue your prayers for our family. As we look towards 2020, we see God positioning us to be His hands and feet in…

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Are you looking for an amazing short term missions trip? SUMMER-O is an amazing opportunity to connect with our church to reach out to our city. During this time we focus on 3 areas: training, evangelism and holiday! If you are interested in bringing a short term team don’t hesitate to email us for more information.