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Together We CAN Make A Difference… We Told You :)

Together we CAN make a difference… we told you :)

We love this picture! Why? One, it represents just a very small visual of what it looks like when we obey God’s call… Two, it lets us share with so many of you of what it means when we say “together, we can make a difference”! As missionaries, we rely on the generosity of so many people who financially sacrifice to support us. As we entered into the second half of 2017 we saw God open up doors of our church to reach into the community by starting a cafe in our church lobby. As we ventured down this path God began to really show us how effective this cafe was going to be. This picture represents Hannah training a team recently. Coffee for us, creates this opportunity to meet people daily and share life with them. Jesus shared with his disciples in John that the outside world will know you by your “love”. Love isn’t always pretty, it can be pretty ugly at times, but we have the chance to be a listening ear, or perhaps the only smiling face in a day or maybe it’ s just the encouraging word while making a coffee for someone, but either way we will shine our light. Already, the emails or reviews we get on the cafe website all are saying the same… something is different about the cafe, the people are different… and as we continue to follow in the opportunities we have with the cafe we look forward to how God will move. #7-VIE-EST-BELLE