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As we keep moving forward, our goal is to raise new funds to enable us to go deeper in our level of ministry. We know more than anything we are strategically placed and want to be spiritually engaged with Him like never before! With your help, you will enable us to finish the task He has placed before us!

We need to raise a minimum of $15,000 by August of this year that will go towards ministry this next year in the Tarantino family. This budget will allow us to travel  and develop the projects that are required this year.

Honestly, a simple 10% increase in monthly support or a cash offering equal to that amount will help us reach this goal!


Heading back to the states we are often asked how to help in practical ways, if there are things we need to bring back or while we are on the road. The answer is YES we always have extra expenses being in the US and we recommend Target gift cards because we will purchase school clothes and basic American things we miss before we head back. 

Hannah’s computer is on it’s last leg and is a daily use for the cafe and ministry life and we need to replace hers. A new MacBook costs $1,300. 


We would love to have you join our support team. Pray and consider how you could invest into our lives to further the Kingdom of God in Europe. Setting up a donation is super easy by going to:

You can send a check to:

Nolan And Hannah Tarantino
AGWM Acct# 294344-7
Assemblies Of God World Missions
1445 North Boonville Avenue
Springfield, Mo 65802