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Having our plans for this summer interrupted was possibly the best thing ever! Over the course of this visa process our faith has been stretched and when we were redirected to the states we were challenged to trust whatever path He would have for us. At times it was scary. We had several moments of intense anxiety and nerves, searching for how we could control our situation but the reality was, we had no control over it. Despite all this, our experience led us to rest in His plans.

We know He directs our steps.
We clung to the call He has placed on our lives to serve in Europe.
We found trust knowing He has control and yes He has our best interest in mind.

In the end, we know it is only God who had this visa approved and because of His kindness to process it within 10 days (a record!), the rest of our trip was without any worry, battling thoughts or stress!

Our summer was filled with random travels, visits to so many friends, family and loved ones, hours of water, new nature discoveries, no poison ivy, too many donuts, self-caught fish tacos and many many more memories. Most of all our faith expanded and our trust grew in God. His plans are always the best!

On Monday we landed back in France and are readjusting to our life here, making rhythms and preparing for our little baby to arrive! We are so thankful for all God has done and are feeling such peace with this next season of life that is coming.