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PROJECT GOAL ($30,000)

Since 2001, we have dedicated our lives to staying obedient to the opportunities God has given us as missionaries. You have been a big part of this journey and we are so thankful for you!

We are excited to share with you the newest opportunity we have committed to. 

The longer we serve in Europe the more we see the need for thriving local churches that will bridge the gap for those who have no connection to Jesus. That is why we are so excited to 1. be a part of a thriving and growing local church here in Marseille, called EPP (Eglise Protestant du Panier) and 2. To have the opportunity to launch a cafe ministry from our church lobby.

Why a cafe? Why now?

When God moved us to Marseille this past year, there was very little that we understood. So much of it was blind obedience. We trusted our God, so we uprooted our family and a place that had been our home and moved to the south of France. It was not at all easy but we had to believe He brought us here for a reason. We transitioned through the culture shock, language barrier and whole new realities we weren’t used to. It was hard, emotional and uncomfortable, yet it was purposeful. We needed the time to adjust, learn and grow in order to step into what’s next.

Our hearts break for a Europe that is desperate to see what love really looks like, to experience what it feels like when you have fulfilling purpose and significance in your life. When the opportunity to launch a cafe in our church lobby was presented to us everything clicked. This will be an amazing opportunity to connect those who would never step into a church to the Jesus who lives in us.

THE REALITY WE FACE. (Try to process what these statistics mean.)

If 800 million people live in Europe, less than 2% are Evangelical Christians. In France, there are more FULL-TIME practitioners of occult arts than full-time Christian workers. If more than 80% of French people have never owned or seen a Bible how do you possibly bridge that gap within the local church?

Religion in France has a very negative history associated with it. The average church size in France is 35-50 people! So how can we change this? 

7-VIE-EST-BELLE. (This life is beautiful)

Our vision as a church is to live life based on grace, love, and joy! Our desire is to live what Jesus shares in the gospel of John 10:10… “that we may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance.” The difference for Europeans is to see this not expressed in view of materials but in quality of life that is independent of material comforts. We wish that everyone comes to say: THIS LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!


Marseille is the second largest city in France. Our church is located in one of the most popular areas of town and right next to a world renown ice-cream shop! Jesus spent a lot of time at the wells. This is where we see so many life-changing moments happen. Today coffee shops are our modern day wells. French people on average drink 2.5 cups a day. We will be transforming our church lobby into a cafe that brings people together with the purpose to experience something more than just coffee, but into a place where they can feel welcomed, cared for, loved and shown hope that there is a beautiful life for them.

Would you join with us financially to help us finish this project?

WE ARE ARE ONLY $8,000 away from finishing our goal!

INDIVIDUAL one-time donations

Would you take a minimum of one of these slots? 

  • 1 people at $2,000
  • 2 people at $1,000
  • 6 people at $500
  • 4 people at $250
  • 10 people at $100


With your help, we can live out a new level of discipleship. We are already seeing how this cafe is creating passion in the people from the church on how they can use this new room to reach out into the community. Together we have an opportunity to reach not only the second largest city in France but a port city that immigrants and refugees from North African Muslim countries are coming through and finding home here.

Together you enable us to live 7-VIE-EST-BELLE at a level we can’t do alone!

Thank you!
Nolan & Hannah Tarantino
Missionaries to Europe