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When we moved to Marseille, we shared this verse from Proverbs 16:9 which says, “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” From the very early days of our journey to Copenhagen, Denmark we not only fell in love with Europe we were given the heart to love this continent as it was our own. We had no idea the path God would set before us but we knew we wanted to be.a part of what He would do.

During our time in Brussels, Belgium one thing was crystal clear. To reach into the villages and great cities of this continent we would have to be effective in raising European leaders who were passionate about the local church.

How would God do this though?
For Hannah and I, that path simply meant living each day with every ounce of passion and creativity that God has given us. From our simple love of coffee, the idea. of developing and launching a cafe in our church lobby was created. A cafe that would reach out daily into the lives of those living in our neighborhood by creating a space that people loved to be in.


From 1 to 2.
In less than a year we are already seeing the long-term goal of the cafe taking shape. Benjamin and Sophie Mierzwiak, from Mulhouse, France (6 hours north of us), heard what we are doing and knew this is what God was calling them to…To a plant a church in their hometown.

So they quit their jobs, moved to Marseille, to be equipped and trained and will launch our second 7-Vie-Est-Belle Cafe in the center of Mulhouse in January of 2020. Throughout the first year of the cafe, they will launch small groups and will officially launch the church in 2021.

Taste and see that the Lord is good
We get so much joy out of making this verse, Psalm 34:8, practical for those we meet every day! We have created a place where families and friends are able to share life together and want to call it their home. It’s in this place where we are building relationships on a daily basis that gives us the ability to share God’s love in so many ways. Building the church first starts with us today and tomorrow is leading us towards more church plants in Europe!

November 30th-December 2nd we are in Mulhouse meeting with an owner of a shopping center where we want to rent. It is large enough to be 1) a cafe and 2) future church building. Pray God continues to give us the wisdom and discernment as we meet those in this city.