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It was this week one year ago that God started to shift our family and asked us to move to Marseille. I am not sure we have ever seen God move in our lives with such distinct clarity than we have in the past year!

It’s hard to sum up what we feel God is up to in one email but over the next few weeks we hope to find some creative ways to show you.

This video was made just for you. Honestly, we wish we were there in person to have this conversation but the next best thing was making a short video. We want you to hear our heart, why Marseille is unique and how God is multiplying the local church here. Following there is a letter explaining one of the greatest opportunities we’re diving into.

Would you take a moment and click this link to watch the video and read this letter (Or just download the PDF here.). We would be honored if you would pray about how you can partner with us?