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Fête De La Musique – We have a team coming the third week of June for a week of outreach with the cafe. The potential for impact is huge. We will be having different events every day building up to fête de la musique. This is something that people will celebrate all over the city, everyone just out in the street playing music while everyone walks around enjoying different pockets of the city.  Please pray for great connections with our neighbors and those passing through that as they visit with us God would do what only He can do. 

Preparation for Summer – Logistically there are a lot of things to organize and do before we leave for our trip the beginning of July. Thank you for praying for us as a family and the things that need to be done. 

VISAS – Our visa renewal is in process. Pray this goes through smoothly and QUICKLY.

Cafe Development – Over the new 6 months, we are praying about some new initiatives with the cafe. We are praying to ask God for clarity as we continue to move forward with this.