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How Can You Be Praying Right Now…

How can you be praying right now…

Development of the discipleship school.

The discipleship school here in Marseille is about to close out the year. The current leader is transitioning into the campus pastor of the church and a new leader, Lauryan, is already transitioning into the new role. We have been working together with her to launch the 2017-2018 school year. We just launched the new website: and are putting together promotion pieces to send out to leaders across France/Germany/Switzerland. The goal is to see 20 students each year in the program here. Please keep the team in your prayers!

Leader’s Focus

Discipleship across Europe is uniting like never before. As a network we have bi-annual events that network and resource church leaders in discipleship. This past March we met together in Amsterdam and had a guest speaker from Vienna, Austria. In September we will be gathering here in Marseille and already we plan on this being our largest gathering of Leaders since we have started. We are also excited to see two new European advisors join our leadership team as we move into this new season!

It’s exciting to see what God is doing across Europe but we feel the spiritual battle becoming harder and harder. Many of these leaders are alone and are completely pioneering in the cities and villages. Continue to prayer for wisdom for us as a team and continue to prayer for the Leaders in our network.

The Boys

Colton. We are so proud of Colton as he has had to work very hard to catch up to his classmates and make up for the difference in education from Belgium to France. He’s now reading and writing and next week will take his first “away” field trip with his class for 4 days.

Ryland. This young man is growing in his love for people all the time and it blows us away. One night while tucking him into bed I was affirming his sweet nature and he responded with “Because I love all the peoples mom.” This boy has a heart for people and we it’s exciting because we know God will use him in this way.

Beyren. This now 2 year old is such a joy in our life. He’s adventurous, joyful, verbal, curious and incredibly smart. What a blessing he is as he says ‘bonjour’ with a high five to everyone he walks past.

The Election

This is a critical time in France as they vote for the next president on Sunday the 7th of May. As with any election there is a lot of controversy, division, fear, tension etc. We know that whoever is elected that God holds this nation in His hands and He has the final word. Please keep this election, not just the results but the aftermath in the coming months, in your prayers.