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Life has never been faster! We cannot believe we are in the beginning of June. The cafe has been running for 6 solid months and we are so grateful for all the people we have been able to meet, connect and grow in relationship with because of this place.  

 For those who may not know it’s not just the ministry 

 that’s growing but our family as well. We have been 

 blessed with another baby that will be joining us the 

 end of August! 

The boys are growing as well and their appetites have never been bigger! Someone with experience in raising boys please let us know the secret on how to keep them full! They’re just getting way too big. 

Colton is about to turn 8. He is reading and writing in French and English, loves multiplication and is a very good speller. We are so proud of how hard he’s worked in school this year. Ryland is coming out of his shell and makes an impression on everyone with his sweetness. He loves school and has advanced easily in everything he does. He’s also our little prayer warrior. Beyren has been begging to start school, but has to wait another couple of months. Meanwhile he loves being a part of all things baking and making coffee in the cafe. He also loves to talk! 


This weekend we are having all of our church and volunteer leaders assemble in Marseille for a time of seeking God for this new season ahead, DREAM BIGGER for France and beyond! In 2017 we had 30 baptisms across our campuses and in 2018 we are already on track to surpass that! 

Our Marseille campus is growing with kids at an unprecedented rate and we are in a season of developing new leaders for this area of ministry. Please continue to pray with us for this need.