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A Walking Jesus

#HUMANITYACTS Over this summer we had the chance to share about what God is doing in Europe through networking local churches focusing on discipleship and what we are seeing God do through Convoy of Hope Europe. Our family wakes up…

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We are coming up on our 7 year anniversary of living in Brussels.  We have seen 24 discipleship programs start in 17 different countries with over 800 graduates. This is a testimony to the generosity everyone who has given financially and…

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Beyren James Tarantino is born

Most of my pregnancy with Beyren felt like one giant blur. I felt much more sick and busy that time completely passed me by. I didn’t take it in as I wanted or day dream about what having 3 sons would be like. Soon I was coming up to 40 weeks and feeling robbed of my experience and really not feeling ready for the task of child birth or what was to come after. I was content for him to stay in me for as long as possible. This was not at all like the other 2 where I would of welcomed birth long before my due date. Because God knows I needed a push and motivation for labor he let my body convince my mind this baby should come out and come out now. The end is so uncomfortable. This truth has always humored me.

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