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The moments we have free these days are so few and far between that most of the time when we get them we crash on our couch just to enjoy a quiet moment after the kids are in bed. It has always our goal that we would be EXCELLENT communicators but every year we fail in this goal! Thank you for all your confidence and faithfulness to partner with us!!

The last time we sent out an update on the Tarantino’s was February 10th and we are in June! It’s amazing, in this space I dedicated to writing an update Haiden won’t take a nap, Beyren comes in at the same time wanting to let me know he is hungry, Ryland needs help because his lego is stuck in the table and Colton is downstairs with Hannah at the cafe. The days are so slow at times yet the months and years are going faster than ever! Perhaps this aspect has been the hardest as being missionaries, with no family close around, there are never breaks. We do have a great community around us, but they all have little kids and we have 4 boys! WE LOVE WHAT WE DO, and we say this all the time to you, but we mean it, this statement actually takes on new dimensions all the time for us.


I am reading through the Old Testament right now and my highlighter keeps running out as I highlight the words and phrases surrounding the word “OBEDIENCE”. For Hannah and I this word has defined our journey every step of the way… If we would completely TRUST that God had His best for our family, all we would need to do was to be as obedient as possible to what He was asking us to do today.

We had no idea that creating a cafe and making some cinnamon rolls would fling the doors completely wide open to sharing God in so many ways! This past month one of the most watched TV shows in France rented out the cafe to film. The exposure we have gained is unreal and we are amazed at how God is using this to be His hands and feet in the most practical ways!

Almost every week we have people and churches contacting us or coming into the cafe to see and experience what we are doing. The young couple who have been with us, training to launch a cafe/church up north, just officially started fundraising. We have a contact now in the Maldives who wants to start and even a possibility in Israel to open a cafe like ours! Just yesterday Hannah said, “after this journey of launching the cafe, I am not sure I would want to do any other ministry than this”. It’s been so rewarding for our family.


Moving to Marseille was a blind step of faith. Everything for us revolves around the local church and now more than ever we want to keep engaging in the local church through creative ways to communicate God’s HOPE, LOVE, and PURPOSE. We can do this in so many ways, every day, not just on Sundays and we are EXTREMELY passionate about it. 

At the same time, we have never felt more in need of Him. We are committed to learning how to give our best and let Him do the rest. Our faith is continually being stretched that He will provide the resources as He continues to call us. We feel so ill-equipped at times, but as long as He can use us we are doing the best with our family to be available and to walk through the right doors. So far this journey in Marseille has been incredible!


This summer we head to America for a conference at the beginning of August that our missions organization is hosting. We are looking forward to coming back for a few weeks to enjoy some rest and relaxation with our family, friends and churches in the areas we will be at. Our boys are beyond excited to swim, fish and enjoy the lake life in Michigan.