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Abundant life can exist in the midst of terror.

Another Attack!
Just yesterday there was another violent attack, this time in our local train station in Marseille. Two young women, ages 17 and 20 were brutally murdered with a knife while sitting on a bench outside the station.
In Las Vegas, 58 killed and another 500 plus injured in a  mass shooting.
Pain is everywhere
Just like you, it is hard for us to watch our world turn into chaos around us. Violence seems to be around every corner. Before we can catch our breath from one unimaginable act another horrible act is filling our news feed and TVs. People are more divided than ever. Anxiety is a problem in every home. Fear is confronting us every day. Yet we know that this is not the life God has intended for us.
How can we offer abundant life when there is so much pain? 
One of the most frustrating realities is knowing that we have the gift of life that is fuller than we could ever imagine, despite the pain and hardships we face. We know this is true as it’s written in John 10:10. We personally have experienced this truth in our life, but how can we invite others to experience the same thing? How can we show love and offer hope in a world full of pain? It’s certainly difficult if those people aren’t also searching for a church to give them the answers.
We need opportunities to share life.
For those who don’t have a friend or family member to connect them to church, it’s often awkward and uncomfortable to seek it out, and more realistically just never a thought that crosses their mind. They may never know that this abundant life actually exists. Our church calls it “7 vie est belle” (this life is beautiful) and the center of everything we do is to help people find the life better than we ever dreamed talked about in John 10:10.
So we serve coffee
We are so excited to create a cafe in our church that will be open 6 days a week. In France coffee is a language everyone understands. Opening the doors as a cafe removes predetermined thoughts about church. It creates an opportunity for those who wouldn’t normally come to church to experience church in the cafe as they interface with people who are living an abundant life with Jesus. They will be cared for and loved. They will see hope and joy in our eyes. We pray for divine interventions and opportunities to share and pray with those who come.
We can’t wait to get started.
Reply and let us know if you would like to know more about this new ministry we will be launching very soon.