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2018 Launches Us Into 2019

2018 launches us into 2019


It’s 2019!!! We are so excited to tackle a new year but before we get too far along we want to say thank you! Thank you for being our partners in 2018, for your support, your prayers, your generosity! 2018 was the year where God showed an immense amount of faithfulness and we can say without a doubt that he did more than we ever thought possible in 2018. It is thanks to you that together we are making a difference.

Here are some of our highlights from 2018

It was truly an amazing year! We are exhausted! We worked hard. We cried hard, We played hard and we are dreaming even bigger for 2019! We are so amazed to look back and see how many of you prayed around us in times of craziness like our VISA situation, or for different needs in the cafe or for our family, the boys schooling and other needs to see God continue to reveal new ways of showing His faithfulness. You guys gave above and beyond. We are so thankful to not be in this alone.


As we look forward to 2019 we have two words front and center: GET READY. Beyren, who is 3 years old, does not have any fear. He loves to run, jump from a large step, land on his skateboard and go rolling forward. He gets an immense amount of joy from this and I believe it is because he doesn’t actually understand how he can do it. He just leaps and when it works he’s overjoyed! As we head into this next year there is a certain unknown, fear of the risks we feel called to take and in the end, we anticipate an immense amount of joy when His faithfulness meets our faith.

Now that we are past our first year with the cafe we are excited to be more strategic in connecting with our community. We are planning several events in order to reach people and we will be sharing more on this in the coming months. We are preparing for a bigger impact on our terrace. We are wanting to see more unity within our team and a deeper connection to seek God’s plans together. We will be preparing and planning to launch the 2nd 7VB Cafe in Mulhouse. It is sure that 2019 will be a great year and we anticipate a challenging year as well. 


In the next newsletter we will be going into more detail and are asking for you to already start praying with us for 2 areas:

Café development

The cafe is continuing to open doors we could have never done on our own. 2019 will launch the Mulhouse Project and discussions are even taking place on an island off the coast of the Maldives!

Church development

The EPP movement is growing. What that means is new churches and we have so many opportunities to invest in making Heaven More Crowded! We can’t wait to share more of what will be going on this year and how you can help us get there faster!

We know that we will not get there alone. As we continue to dream for what God will do in the cafe and through the campuses of EPP France in 2019 would you pray with us to see what God has in store for this year!